Central Austin Real Estate Information

Austin is large city filled excitement and adventures waiting at every time. Central Austin properties guarantee that you will always find an adventure in or around the heart of town.

Perhaps the best part about Central Austin is its location, and the ease of travel from this particular city area. From here, it is possible to find a number of modes of transportation. To the west of Central Austin is the MoPac Expressway, one of Texas’ major roadways. In the east is the I-35 which stretches from Texas to Minnesota. This section of Austin is a short drive, or walk to a few district parks and Hancock Park Golf Course. This section of Austin is also home to the University of Texas, which is walking distance from the center of this Austin section.

Located in Central Austin is neighborhood of Clarksville, deemed a National Register Historic District. This particular neighborhood is lined with elegant houses and is full of history. This region’s growth is charted by the changing house styles to the mom and pop stores that also are scattered in this region of Austin. Once considered part of Austin’s outskirts, it is perhaps the Central Austin neighborhoods closest to downtown.

It is possible to spend a whole day at one of the many district parks located in this area. Here, you can have picnics and get-togethers with friends and family, while enjoying a game of basketball. Tarrytown is a neighborhood that is close to some of Central Austin’s parks, such as Adams Park and Eastwoods Park. In this area, there is also the Hancock Park Golf Course, where of course, it is possible for you to take a short drive to and enjoy the greens.

Austin has been called the “Live Music Capital of the World” because of the many live venues that are scattered across the city. Because of Central Austin’s proximity to the downtown, you can take advantage of this musical delight. After all, you will never know who you might be able to see. There are tons of restaurants and shops to explore on your weekend days.

Central Austin real estate places you at the heart of all the happenings in Austin. This Texas community gives you a real sense of home and all sorts of places for your family to visit. Purchasing a property here means you get the best of all the city life and an active community to interact in.