Highland Lakes Real Estate Information

The Texas Highland Lakes region is located northwest of downtown Austin. True to its name, this region is surrounded by lakes perfect for the water sport enthusiast. Far removed from the popular Lake Travis and Lake Austin, this region has perfect for quiet and beautiful lakefront property that is sure to relax you and keep you busy throughout all the days you choose to live here.

This region consists of six Highland Lakes. While it includes Lake Austin and Lake Travis, the lakes in this region include Lake Buchanan, Inks Lake, Lake Lyndon B. Johnson, and Lake Marble Falls. While living in this region of central Texas, you will have quick access to these four lakes, and a myriad of water related activities.

Lake Buchanan is the largest out of the four lakes and has 124 miles of shoreline. It is home to the Buchanan Dam which was once considered the largest dam in the United States. Fishing and boating are popular activities for those who live in this area. Near Lake Buchanan is the smaller Inks Lake, which recently had a new bridge built to improve traffic flow and out of the area. Residents who visit this area view Lake Buchanan from the old bridge, and also enjoy boating and water skiing on this lake. This lake is perhaps the most beautiful out of all the neighboring lakes. Camping is also popular at these two lakes because of the amazing surrounding scenery.

Lake Lyndon B. Johnson is the most popular for water sports, as one can jet ski, boat and water ski in this region. Water here never rises or falls, and many of the properties along the shore have automatic boatlifts. Lake Marble Falls is popular for many of the same activities that you can find in the Lake Lyndon B. Johnson area. The gated community in this area, called Meadowlakes, has a golf course for days that you may want to take a break from the cool water. You will also find a movie theater and a family center if you look at real estate in this area.

The Texas Highland Lakes region is perfect for those who want to have nature play a large part in their everyday lives. It is also great for those who enjoy exploring their surroundings through all sorts of physical activity. This refuge from the busy city promises you relaxing and exciting days all in one place.