Lake Travis Real Estate Information

The Lake Travis region is found west of Austin upon the Colorado River. This reservoir is perhaps one of Austin’s most popular places for living and vacationing. Lake Travis was created in 1942 as a result of the Mansfield Dam project to regulate the Colorado River. The breathtaking views of this crystal clear water mixed with the beautiful natural landscaping and the number of activities available make properties in this region highly desirable.

Lake Travis is home to many large gated communities. Many of the features these communities offer are very similar, so where you choose to live is a matter of where upon the lake you would like to live and what you are interested in. These features often include golf courses, nearby country clubs, and marinas. The Lakeway area on the southern shore of Lake Travis, for example, is a large resort community that is home to a number of shoreline homes and golf course villas. In contrast, Lake Point properties may be ideal for those who want to be situated between Lake Travis and Lake Austin, close to land and water activities as well as a number of shopping places.

Lake Travis is perfect for the outdoor activity enthusiast. Many of the parks in the Lake Travis area allow RVs, but if looking to be more in tune with nature, you can also hike and camp at any of the grounds. Also, most of the parks in the Lake Travis region have lake access and boat ramps, great if you are looking to enjoy its clear waters. While on Lake Austin, you can go fishing, swimming, and even scuba diving. If you have a motorized boat, you can also wakeboard, water-ski, and go tubing. These waters are also perfect for sailing and jetskiing.

While looking at properties in the Lake Travis region, be mindful of which areas are more susceptible to water level changes. The amount of rainfall can drastically raise the water level while droughts can severely lessen it. Keep this in mind especially if you are looking at managing a boat dock or using a marina.

Lake Travis is a great investment. This haven is removed from the Austin city life, and promises to grant you a sense of peace everyday. With impossibly beautiful views throughout the year and countless days for you to enjoy, Lake Travis is the place to be to be for an endless adventure.