Lake Austin Real Estate

Lake Austin is a reservoir located outside of the eponymous city. In 1939, the Lower Colorado River Authority reformed Lake McDonald into what is now known as Lake Austin. This reservoir is a part of the Colorado River, and is used for producing electricity, flood control, and drinking water. While this reservoir was built to enhance the effectiveness of the Tom Miller Dam, its many uses do not overshadow the natural beauty found in this area.

Lake Austin is quickly becoming a popular place to purchase homes. With beautiful scenery and great views of the river, properties in Lake Austin are in demand.

This particular Texas community is located northwest of Austin, making it perfect for a home away from the busy city life. There are elegant mansions and homes that line the shores of Lake Austin, and each of them has private access to this lake’s waters. While this severely limits the amount of public access, there are several public access ramps available for anyone looking to visit this reservoir.

The “pass-through” lake does not actually store water. Despite this, however, Lake Austin is a popular place to live, especially for individuals who water activities. Those in the area will often find boats gliding over the water while living in this area. There are a number of other activities that you can take part in while living in this area, including swimming and wakeboarding. Of course, these activities are best enjoyed when this lake is less crowded.

Avid fishers may be particularly pleased by the great fishing offered in the Lake Austin area. The lake is constantly stocked with fish, such as sunfish, largemouth bass, catfish and all sorts of other great catches. Imagine spending your days on a boat, watching the waves go by and waiting for your next big catch. You will often find boats cruising over the water, especially over the summer, as each of you enjoy the summer sun.

When you run out of sun to enjoy your days in your Lake Austin property, you can head down to the city of Austin. The nightlight here is fantastic, and you will find much to do once the sun goes down on Lake Austin.

With close proximity to the city and enough distance to enjoy the rolling green hills of Texas, Lake Austin is the perfect place to looking for your own piece of this wonderful real estate. You would find nothing less than beautiful homes coupled with the peaceful reservoir waters of Lake Austin.