South Austin Real Estate Information

South Austin is a very family friendly neighborhood with a large amount of community spirit. Real estate here has access to much of the culture that you can find in downtown as well as may outdoor activities that you will not normally find in a large city. This creates a unique culture that characterizes much of this section of the city.

There are a number of outdoor activities and sites that you can participate or visit in while living in the South Austin area. Once you have settled in your South Austin home, you can visit the Zilker Botanical Gardens. This garden takes up 30 acres of land in the South Austin region, and is home to a variety of plants and garden styles, ranging from rose gardens to Japanese style gardens.

Residents in the South Austin area have quick access to a site filled with all sorts of activity called Barton Springs. This is perhaps one of Austin’s largest parks, as it covers almost 358 acres. A drive or walk down Barton Springs Road is both beautiful and relaxing as the streets and walkways are lined with trees that are green for much of the year. Located near the Zilker Botanical Gardens, Barton springs is home to the state’s fourth largest natural water source. The underground springs are also the source of the 3 acre pool’s water located in Barton Springs.

South Congress Avenue in this region has a vibrant culture, and the Capitol Building that is found on the street’s end only add to the activity. Home to all the hipsters, this is the place to be if looking for an exciting new restaurant or shop. You can even find some novelty shops and a Farmer’s Market in this region. One of this district’s most notable sites, however, is the Continental Club where many bands have played shows that launched their careers. This section of South Austin is also close to the very popular Townlake Park. At this park, there are over 10 miles of biking and hiking trails which are a great day to spend the afternoon.

South Austin is a wonderful place to start your property search. While still close to the city, there are tons of activities to do that will be sure to please you and your family. With a great mix of the outdoors and a little bit of quirkiness, you will be sure to enjoy this friendly Austin region.