North Austin Real Estate Information

Austin is a large city and you may have to travel across the city to see rolling hills and blankets of green. North Austin, while close to the center of the city, is also close to many of its natural treasures. Real estate in North Austin gives its residents the best of both city and country, as the beautiful parks and golf courses are as easy to access as the city’s downtown. Also, with parks and a hospital close by, this is the perfect place for all kinds of people.

North Austin has great access to the downtown region as well as out of town because of the many major roadways that pass by this section, which includes the I-39, an interstate that extends from Texas to Minnesota. In fact, a trip into the city takes less than 20 minutes by car. This gives you great access to some of downtown Austin’s unique clubs and venues for live entertainment.

Staying within North Austin is not a bad idea on the weekends as well. This section of Austin has access to some of Austin’s most beautiful parks, which includes the Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park. Trees are everywhere in this park, making for an afternoon stroll or a family picnic on the weekend.

One of the most popular neighborhoods within the Austin area is the Scofield Farms area. This neighborhood is full of greenery, perfect for those whose eyes are yearning for more than tall glassy buildings. This community was started in the 1980s and has been growing since. With so many roads in and out of this region, its continued growth shown by the many shops sprouting up, it is easy to see that this particular community is gaining popularity.

Other neighborhoods in North Austin also include Lamplight Village and Copperfield, Both Lamplight Village and the Scolfield Farms area home to many large companies such as IBM, Dell, Samsung and more. The Lamplight Village area also has great shopping and dining for any day of the week. The Copperfield area gives owners wonderful views and access to the Walnut Creek parks.

North Austin properties are perfect as leaving and entering is never a problem, and the city is a few minutes away. In this area, you will never be bored with all of Texas open to you. While the city is only a drive away, the greenery of North Austin will always be a welcome break from the hustle and bustle.