Northwest Austin Real Estate Information

The Northwest Austin neighborhood is often considered the suburbs of the city. Despite this, it is close to town, and many of the city’s greatest recreation spots. Real estate in this area is a great investment, as in addition to its closeness to the city, this is where all the beauty of the city is. With countless hills dotted by trees, you will definitely enjoy this neighborhood.

Many of the communities in this area are planned communities, with unique characteristics and styles that are bound to suit your tastes and needs. Each of these communities has wonderful views of the Texan countryside and all its lush greenery.

There are other amenities available within their grounds Great Hills is one of these communities, with houses styled after the colonial homes. This community has a golf course located very nearby. Homes in the Avery Ranch area have access to the Avery Ranch Golf Club, which has a golf course on its grounds. If not interested in golf, Jester Estates is another series of properties that have community accessible luxuries, such as a pool and tennis courts. Whatever your tastes, these are perfect for spending time with family and friends.

Within the Northern Austin region is a multitude of great shopping and dining spots. One of the popular places to visit for shopping and dining is the Arboteum, an open air mall located close to the Great Hills community. There is also the Domain Shopping Center, a newly constructed mall that is home to a number of restaurants.

There are also a number of outdoor activities that you can participate in here. Mount Bonnell calls this section of Austin home, and here, you can find the highest point within the Austin city limits. There is also the Bull Creek Greenbelt and Bull Creek Reserve which are filled with trees and trails that can keep you hiking for hours. The Balcones National Wildlife Refuge is also close to this side of Austin, and also provides a number of trails as well as views of some of Austin’s local plant and animal life.

Close enough to the city; North Austin is a great place to begin searching for a home or property in a friendly, planned community. With a great view of the Texan hills and greenery and a number of family friendly activities available, this is a great place to begin looking for a home.